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About us

We have the honor to present our family company Atelier Emerald & Emeral Collections based in Lodz, Poland .We have more than 20 years of experience in running the business of importing French antiques which are renewed and hand decorated in our workshop according to the recipes of ancient french procedures.

We are passionate individuals ,who would find neglected historical objects and in process of careful and thorough renovation, bring them back to old glory.

Therefore valuable and shabby furniture get back their unique charm and quality - to serve well again.We offer our clients incomparable possibilities of creating unique interiors with exclusive furniture that perfectly emphasize owners passion for art and luxury. Precious antiques are being reconstructed in compliance with guidelines of art historian and clients expectations.

Atelier Emerald is a group experienced professionals who - besides of restoring antique furniture - can furnish a house, an apartment or a palace in a complex way.

Apart from antiques we import Italian best quality reproductions of antique furniture to be finished in our workshop.

We aslo have the big range of art- hand-painted paravans,paintings, hand made textiles and manequins made in the technique of decoupage in ancient(100 years old) newspapers as famous Le Petit Journal.

According to the most demanding clients, exclusiveness, elegance and uniqueness of design constitute the biggest value. Atelier Emerald offers furniture that are exceptional and unique. Clients can satisfy their dreams of original and chic interiors thanks to variety of available pieces.

If you are interested in cooperation with our company and want to take advantage of our experience in the field of decoration and renovation of French antiques and Italian reproductions, please contact Elizabeth Grzymska email: egrzymska@gmail.com. To place orders please use the e-mail: atelieremerald@gmail.com

Please don`t hesitate to ask any question